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AIMS Financial Group (AIMS) is a diversified financial services and investment group

Established in 1991, AIMS Financial Group (AIMS) is a diversified financial services and investment group, active in the areas of mortgage lending, securitisation, investment banking, funds management, property investment, ech investment and AIMS also 100% owns Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX).



Since 1999, AIMS has raised approximately A$4.0 billion in funds from the capital markets. Of this, AIMS has issued approximately A$3.0 billion residential mortgage-backed securities, with most of them rated AAA by both Standard & Poors and Fitch Ratings, and has originated over A$8.0 billion of high quality prime home loans since 1991.



AIMS has actively introduced a number of international investors into the Australian markets and to date has also attractedover A$1.0 billion of investments into Australia from overseas investors.



AIMS is also the investment manager for AIMS' funds, which amount to approximately $1.8 billion fund as at 13 March 2015.



Since 2009 after the GFC, AIMS Group had a total acquisition and investment amount of over A$ 2 billion assets.



AIMS' head office is in Sydney, Australia, and it has businesses across Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our highly qualified, professional and experienced cross-cultural teams enable AIMS to bridge the gap between Australia andChina across various sectors.

AIMS Financial Group Expands During GFC

During the global financial crisis, AIMS expanded its business in a time when many other businesses were experiencing immense difficulties.



In October 2008, AIMS acquired the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX), which is the Securities Exchange 100.0% owned by AIMS Financial Group.



In April 2009, AIMS became the largest shareholder (15.8%) of the ASX listed fund manager, MacarthurCook Limited (MCK). In August 2009, AIMS' holding increased to 54.0% and by November 2009, AIMS' became the 100.0% owner of MCK which was subsequently delisted from the ASX.

MacarthurCook Turnaround Story

Story 01.

The MacarthurCook Industrial REIT (MI-REIT) listed on the SGX (now known as AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT). At the time of the AIMS acquisition of MacarthurCook in 2009, MI-REIT was a vehicle which was in distress. MI-REIT had an obligation to refinance S$220.8million and purchase a S$90.2million property which previous management had entered into in 2007 without finance in place. As at 31 March 2009, MI-REIT's market capitalisation was approximately S$60.2 million and total assets were S$544.0 million. In December 2009, MI-REIT was renamed to AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT (AA-REIT). Under the new management of AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT Management Limited, a joint venture REIT management company owned 50 percent each by AIMS and AMP Capital, AA-REIT has grown significantly with a market capitalisation S$707.8 million and S$1.46 billion total assets as at 13 March 2015.

Story 02.

The MacarthurCook Property Securities Fund (MPS) which is listed on the ASX and SGX. Since the takeover of MacarthurCook, through AIMS management, MPS has been able to significantly reduce its debt from A$44.5 million with a gearing ratio of 38% to nil as 31 May 2013. MPS is now uniquely positioned to access the capital markets in Australia and Asia through its dual listing on the ASX and SGX.

Story 03.

The privatisation of the MacarthurCook Industrial Property Fund (MIF) which was formerly listed on the ASX and was distressed at the time of acquisition. The share price of the fund at the time AIMS took over MacarthurCook was $0.16. AIMS reduced vacancy in the MIF portfolio and improved the weighted average lease expiry to more than 5 years. In October 2010, unitholders voted in favour of accepting an offer from a US fund at A$0.44 per unit representing a 42.0% premium to the pre-announcement trading price.