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AIMS Financial Group Celebrates 20 Years in Business

A banquet in Sydney’s Chinatown on 11 November, 2011 attracted a number of the city’s investment banking fraternity.

AIMS Financial Group was kicking up its heels to celebrate its 20th anniversary and to re-launch Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (APX), a subsidiary of AIMS.

Attendees included Antony Green (Executive Director of Macquarie Capital Advisers), Craig Parker (Executive Director of Westpac Institutional Bank), Tim Church (Head of Real Estate Investment Banking of UBS), Chris Green (CEO of Corporate Trust Perpetual), Simon Vinson (Head of Asian Property & New Business Initiatives AMP Capital Investors) and others. 300 people attended the function.

George Wang, chairman of AIMS Financial Group said in his chairman’s address: “AIMS believes there are a number of synergies between the Australian and Chinese economies, which have allowed us to offer rich investment opportunities across both countries”.

AIMS began to act as a bridge between Australia and China when it established 20 years ago. “We will continue to dedicate ourselves into this exciting cause and become a strong bridge for Sino-Australian investment opportunities and capital solutions”, George said.

Through prudent risk management, AIMS successfully avoided being a casualty of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and actually expanded its operations during the GFC.

Through several important acquisitions, including the acquisition of the Australian Pacific Exchange Limited in 2008 and MacarthurCook Limited in 2009, AIMS has become an Australia-based multinational financial services institution with business lines covering funds management, investment banking services, mortgage lending and securitization; with offices across the Asia-Pacific region.

Taking over MacarthurCook gave AIMS a presence in the real estate fund management industry and it has since struck significant alliances.

Taking over the Australia Pacific Exchange Limited (renamed as Asia-Pacific Stock Exchange), one of the four stock exchanges in Australia with a market license granted by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC),  provided AIMS a far better position to further develop business and investment opportunities between Australia and China.

Apart from the Australia local market, APX will make efforts in developing an Asia- Pacific market focusing on the Chinese market, attracting Chinese companies with high growth potential to be listed on the APX. By doing so, AIMS can provide investors with access to China’s high-quality companies and enjoy the booming growth of China’s economy.

“We hope the Exchange will become an effective platform to connect investment opportunities and financing between Australia and China” George said.

According to APX’s long-term plan, APX intends to develop a “Greater China” board, whereby investors may be able to trade in companies listed on the APX in Chinese RMB.

“To provide our clients with highly efficient services at competitive prices, we have invested substantial capital to develop an advanced web based trading system with new technology. Besides, we have modified listing rules making them more friendly towards brokers and investors” George introduced.

APX’s listing rule had been approved by the ASIC on 11, November, 2011. It is no doubt that this is the best gift for AIMS’s 20 year birthday.

APX was notified by ASIC that its revised listed rules have been approved by federal Treasury 9th November. Those rules are operational from 10th November this year. APX is waiting for further approvals and is implementing a new trading system ahead of the expected relaunch in the first half of next year.