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Launch of AIMS Money Market Following Company Boom
AIMS Home Loans announce the official launch of their commercial finance arm, AIMS Money Market (AMM), and their goal to become a diversified one-stop lending shop.

More individuals are becoming proprietors and landlords of commercial properties compared to five years ago. With this in mind, AIMS Money Market has fully equipped itself to cater for this demand.

A spokesperson for AIMS Home Loans explains, "There was a need to introduce commercial lending to AIMS?already successful business. More customers are realizing that a commercial, industrial, or retail property could be the alternative property investment. The move to expand the business has been in response to the large number of commercial loan enquiries our consultants were receiving."

AIMS Home Loans is currently expanding rapidly with the addition of the AIMS Money Market division, which the company believes has been a natural progression of AIMS?current boom.

The AIMS Money Market team have been busy building the customer base since the beginning of the year and developing the AMM products. The launch product range includes, Commercial Finance, Development Finance, Mezzanine Finance, LoDoc Program and Asset Lend.

Whilst this is the first line of products developed for AIMS Money Market, the company looks forward to providing access to further alternative products. Spokesperson for AIMS Money Market says, 揥e would like to develop additional specialised products to cater to the niche markets as we move ahead including insurance, credit cards, guarantees, foreign exchange, car loans and equipment leasing?

"Ultimately, our goal is for AIMS Home Loans to become a diversified distributor of intelligent financial products."

The AIMS Money Market initiative will be targeting existing AIMS Home Loan customers and new business directly. Further down the track, AIMS would also like to target developers and overseas investors.

Presently, AMM funding is sourced predominately from the institutional market, Investment Banks, Mortgage Trusts and private investors. Spokesperson for AIMS says, "Ultimately, we would like to get to the point where we can fund all our own products, as seen in the residential arm of the company. What this means is we can dictate our own pricings, margins, profits and improve flexibility to create our own exclusive, tailored products- something that many have attempted but few have succeeded in doing."