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Bringing Financial Services Back to the Community
AIMS Home Loans announces their plan to launch a unique community-focused Agency Network today. AIMS are scheduled to open 50 new branches in just under 24 months. These branches will be located nationally.

James Green, Agency Network Manager for AIMS Home Loans has described each branch as a "Local Community Financial Services Centre".

As part of the unique rollout plan, AIMS Home Loans are introducing a number of branches in specific areas where there is a lack of lending institutions or where certain ethnic groups are more prominent. The first agency branch is already set-up at Bankstown focusing on providing financial services to the local Bankstown community. AIMS/// first branch will be officially opened Friday 15th August, 2003 at an intimate industry event by Councillor Helen Westwood, Mayor for Bankstown.

Green explains, "Our branches are owned and operated by people from these local communities, they are similar to franchises but the local operator has a much better understanding of the local market and other issues which should be considered".

Green further explains, "Many of our Bankstown customers so far have been Vietnamese and the staff at Bankstown are doing a good job at tailoring their services to meet these customers/// needs. For example, the team at our Bankstown branch speaks Vietnamese and this has been a major service to this special community."

The company is also looking forward to being actively involved in various local community events and projects, as already planned for the people in Bankstown. AIMS Home Loans are a major sponsor for the Bankstown Sydney Radio Singing Festival 2003 and plan to support many more local community and cultural events.

Community-based activities will continue for each individual AIMS branch. Following the launch of Bankstown, AIMS is hosting a community Fun Day Saturday 16th August for families in the local area.

"By understanding these special communities and responding to their unique requirements our Agency Network will rapidly take form. AIMS will provide many benefits such as arranging specialised loans for different families. We wouldn///t be making concessions as such, but more tailoring our loans and services to suit the unique customer."