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The Hon. Alan Cadman MP joins in AIMS' community spirit
AIMS Home Loans is opening its sixth local community financial services centre in Castle Hill, Sydney this month. The Hon. Alan Cadman MP, Member for Mitchell is anonoured to be the special Guest of Honour at the VIP launch event to be held next week.

AIMS announced its 24 month plan to open over 50 local community-focused branches last year nationally. AIMS is right on track, with branches already open in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. Each branch has written several million dollars worth of business within weeks of commencing trade.

AIMS Home Loans, Castle Hill will be Castle Hill's local community financial services centre. James Green, Head of Agency Network at AIMS Home Loans says, by providing local community branches, AIMS is able to bring access to financial services to the little people.

With all our agencies, the strategy for the Castle Hill branch is to not only be from the local community, but to get actively involved with the community. Principal for AIMS Castle Hill, Bob Jones and his team are open to any possible avenues for sponsorship and community involvement.?Green adds, each branch is owned and operated by people from the community and know the local area intimately. AIMS staff comes to personally know the customers. Their children go to school in the area. They can say: Good street, I know a great restaurant not far from you. Have you been there? They love that you know their area.

AIMS Home Loans, Castle Hill is in a prime location at Suite 1, 251 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill with convenient on-site parking. Belonging to the Baulkham Hills Shire, the AIMS Home Loans site in Castle Hill was carefully chosen because of the advantages the area has to offer. The Shire offers a diverse range of residential properties from large farming estates to newly-built apartments. Green explains, by setting up a local community financial services centre in Castle Hill, AIMS are able to service the local community and assist home-buyers with the whole house hunt process.

AIMS is in a position to offer assistance in setting up finance for a customer's new home in advance of the sale,?explains Bob Jones, Principal of AIMS Home Loans Castle Hill. You can go house hunting with the knowledge that your finance is approved before you go looking. We can also assist with deposit bonds so that you do not have to find the deposit for your new house.

The high-profile launch party will be held at the new office itself. Along with the Hon. Alan Cadman, member for Mitchell as the Guest of Honour, the guest list includes local council advocates, local business representatives including those from the property, finance and legal professions, and media. It is hoped that the Mayor, Councilor John Griffiths will also be in attendance.

Fully Australian-owned AIMS Home Loans was one of the first non-bank lenders in Australia, having been a mortgage provider since 1991. AIMS has grown to be one of the larger non-bank lenders in the country and have won over 30 industry awards for various products and services.