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AIMS Launches AIMS Advantage Credit Card
AIMS Home Loans announces the launch of the AIMS Advantage Credit Card today. The introduction of the new American Express Card is AIMS?latest program to enhance their ever-evolving product offering.

The AIMS Advantage card developed with American Express is testimony to AIMS?commitment to providing more flexible products and services to it抯 customers. James Green, spokesperson for AIMS Home Loans says, 揂IMS originally chose to introduce a quality Credit Card in response to the request of existing customers who wanted to link their mortgage to a credit card. We wanted to add value for our customers?br> 
The name for the new credit card, Advantage was a straight-forward decision. 揑t抯 all about getting an Advantage. The borrower can deposit their income into their mortgage and make purchases on their AIMS Advantage Credit Card taking advantage of the 55 days interest free period.?AIMS claims that by using direct salary crediting and linking the AIMS Advantage credit card to an AIMS home loan, customers save $170,000 in interest and pay off their loan 12 years sooner.1

The AIMS Advantage credit card features include*: 

Up to 100% sweep from the AIMS Complete Variable or AIMS Gold Variable home loan. 
No annual card fee in first year. 
Membership Rewards that do not expire ?customers earn 1 point for every $1 spent. 
Annual card fee waived if customers?spend is over $5000. 
?Six month introductory interest rate of 9.99% p.a. on balance transfers from credit cards of other financial institutions. 
*Terms & conditions apply.