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Self employed borrowers, especially those who have just started their business or other income generating activity, normally find it difficult to provide up-to-date financial statements when they apply for a loan. 
AIMS Home Loans offers a range of Low Documentation (LoDoc) Loans specifically designed for self-employed borrowers. These loans are ideal for owner occupied and investment home loans as well as for business loans. 
In lieu of tax returns, we only require a signed declaration stating your annual income and capability to service the loan when you apply for an AIMS LoDoc Loan.
We also offer a NoDoc option on these loans. 
Choose from AIMS’ range of quality Low Documentation (LoDoc) Loans. Simply click on the loan name to view all the details:

  • AIMS Express LoDoc Variable Home Loan
  • AIMS Gold LoDoc Variable Home Loan
  • AIMS LoDoc Home Loans

Alternatively, self employed borrowers who are able to provide up-to-date financial statements may apply for any of the following AIMS Full Documentation Loans: